Introducing Mor Decor's Room Divider

Mor Decor Introducing metal Room Dividers with some beautiful designs, Long last durability compared with traditional MDF screen.


Application of Our Room Divider

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Why Choose Mor Decor's Room Divider's ?

Mor Decor is your one stop shop for affordable Room Dividers, Doors, Wardrobes, architectural metalwork and CNC laser cutting jali. Our company is engaged in designing Room Dividers for offices and residential projects as per the individual needs and taste . At Mor Decor we offer CNC Laser cutting jali’s for Rooms, Balcony area, Pools and facade . We also offer Designer strips for railings and Privacy jali’s which are all customised to suit your specific requirements and can be supplied with framing and fittings. All Laser cutting jalis are made with metal i.e. Stainless steel , Aluminium and Mild steel and can be available in different colours as per customer need . Mor decor can manufacture upto 3000 mm X 1500 mm single panel size .

we offer your different types of Room dividers like some types of room dividers are :

Room Divider Types

Fixed Room Divider :

Fixed Room Dividers are one of the most Durable product of Mor Decor . Proper Framing and lighting is given to enhance the look . Holes for Installation are already there , So you just have to Screw it with wall and it’s ready to use.

Hanging Room Divider :

Hanging Room Dividers are the Affordable one and they are really very easy to install all the peices with assembly parts will be provided in the flat pack box . So you just have to buy the pieces according to your need. we provide attractive piece of designs of Hanging screen partitions & Dividers. Our Interior designs of Hanging screens & Partitions would make you feel awesome and that is easily fit in your pocket. we have a collection of different & unique designs of Dividers.

Curtain Room Divider :

Curtain Room Divider are one of the Premium Product of Mor Decor . This is very Creative Room Divider In Market which can be installed from Ceiling To floor. Some Special Hardware and Strings are used to install this Room Divider. USP of this Room divider is to cover large area with High visuality.

Living Room Divider :

Living Room Dividers & Partitions provides awesome look to your Living area. It is commonly use to provide separation towards your front entrance or Door. If a Guest come by your home so the look of your Bed Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen or study room should be avoid. Living Room Divider are one of the most popular Product at Mor Decor.


  • A room dividers to distribute the space more effectually and as a garnish focal point.
  • Biggest ordinarily used in the apartment is a slight room divider.
  • The maximum natural types of ROOM DIVIDER is a portable ROOM DIVIDER on alembic. Which can easily carried from area to area.

We provide different types of room dividers for different places, some types of room dividers are : Fixed Room Divider, Hanging Room Divider, Curtain Room Divider etc. we provide you one stop solution from installation and furnishing of dividers, with an option of installing it temporary or permanently. Screens Dividers are available with Hanging type installation with appropriate length required by costumer as well as Fixed type installation with customised height required by the costumer.


Screen divider give your living room a super attractive piece of art , easy and cozy.

Nowadays mostly people want to adjust their living in a flexible and professional living and for those who lives on rented apartments/building and they don’t want to construct fixed interior so here we are with the solution that fits to your budget.

Screen divider is used for giving partition (with sliding facility too) that divide a room into multi-purposes rooms like conference room / drawing room / meeting room / guest room , we have good interior designer and architect who make this work charming and attractive with good quality of work.

There are many kinds of screen divider highly decorated and movable screens, there is option of panelled screen like fabric , any picture, painted or mirror divider that make your house/apartment/office etc. more than a beautiful , and give a professional incarnation, here we give this service at a suitable price and give full responsive work. See Mor Decor’s Luxury Italian Furniture Designs at our store situated in Delhi, India. See Our Address here

Mor decor can manufacture upto 3000 mm X 1500 mm single panel size . to know more about us click here.

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