Mor Decor Room Divider

Mor decor room dividers and room partitions are the latest product for dividing the area beautifully. We provide you one stop solution from installation and furnishing of dividers, with an option of installing it temporary or permanently. Screens Dividers are available with Hanging type installation with appropriate length required by costumer as well as Fixed type installation with customised height required by the costumer.

Room Divider Types

Fixed Room Divider :

Fixed Room Dividers are one of the most Durable product of Mor Decor . Proper Framing and lighting is given to enhance the look . Holes for Installation are already there , So you just have to Screw it with wall and it’s ready to use.

Hanging Room Divider :

Hanging Room Dividers are the Affordable one and they are really very easy to install all the peices with assembly parts will be provided in the flat pack box . So you just have to buy the pieces according to your need.

Curtain Room Divider :

Curtain Room Divider are one of the Premium Product of Mor Decor . This is very Creative Room Divider In Market which can be installed from Ceiling To floor. Some Special Hardware and Strings are used to install this Room Divider. USP of this Room divider is to cover large area with High visuality.

Options For Room Divider

Options to choose from the variety of metal * Mild Steel (M.S) *Stainless Steel (S.S) * Aluminium * Brass *Copper

We have preset template in sizes of 2Ft. X 8Ft. and 4Ft. X 8Ft. , Also we provide Room Dividers according to your customised sizes.

Mor Decor MorFix System Provides every single hardware required for installing room divider and does not require any effort on the part of the costumer .